Financial Planning

Enterprise development that financial affairs plan cannot increase income and decrease expenditure. In earlier stage of enterprise's development, the chieftain often overweight and exploit resources, develop the market. Enterprise accumulated over a long period to until reduce expenditure issue, invalid to in charge of after accusing of question produce, the chieftain begins to realize that must do a good job of reducing expenditure, do financial affairs planning, financial controlling well.

The systematic financial affairs not only can take a effective control of enterprise's financial operation while can also through the analysis , favorable to make the development scheme in the future to go on to financial figure, then exploit the market space better. In fact, key point that financial affairs plan lie in tax arrange, most of taxpayer should face the tax that no matter  dealing with the company net profit taxes, or the personal Salary taxes, will all make taxpayers feel bother. If it is improper to deal with, the question involved afterwards, will make taxpayers waste considerable money and time.

Hong Kong enterprise advisor is subordinate to Hong Kong  ATA Group that specialized in financial affairs plan and tax adviser .  It’s consist of  international accountant, tax teacher, lawyer, appraiser, financial affairs adviser who come from Hong Kong, China, U.S.A., Malaysia, specializing in enterprise plan and to be enterprise advisor to help enterprise's operator or administrator to deal with the he problems produced from the financial administration of enterprise or organize development , offer system operation and solution, help the chieftain to make correct decision, remove the worry, make the undertaking develop more smooth

We will also offer the professional Hong Kong tax plan and arrangement and suggestion according to the specific customer's situation. We will make a detail understanding with the customer, offer suitable Hong Kong tax analysis in order to help the customer to make and carry out that various kinds of regional taxes that can be enjoyed. Through rigorous arrangement, checking fixedly and careful self-criticism, the customer can obtain its relevant regional tax favors. Under some situations, we will also consider arranging different tax systems of the overseas country, so that the customer can try one's best to enjoy the most perfect and most effective suggestion scheme

Our services are :
◇     Carry on long-term planning of the financial affairs of enterprises;
◇     Put forward the professional suggestion to financial arrangement;
◇     Set up financial administrative system , the control system of the cash for the customer.
◇     Give a correct guide to enterprises to declare dutiable goods rationally, regard legal means as enterprises and save the unnecessary tax item expenses;

◇ Deal with verifying on the spot and tax examination of the local tax bureau, and propose the appeal to relevant items on behalf of the customer.
◇     Deal with employer's matters of declaring staff's salary and individual and declaring dutiable goods.
◇     Put forward the professional suggestion , in order to reduce the burdens of legacy tax and stamp tax , offer trust advisor of global assets service.
◇     Handle the personal deposit interest and levy a tax. Help the customer to answer the inquiry of the Hong Kong tax bureau
◇     To the question that enterprises may appear in developing , put forward prewarning in time, propose avoiding the scheme. Clever service goal of sun is, do one's best to help enterprises to realize the maximization of individual, enterprise, and social economic benefits.


Our goal is that do our best to help enterprises to realize the maximization of individual , enterprise , social economic benefits.