Brand Planning

1.What is Brand?

There are many kinds of definitions of Brand, some views are : The brand is a mark, trading company , trade mark, and famous marketing expert's Dr. Philip Ketene explains brands like this: "The brand is a kind of name , term , mark , symbol , pattern or a combination of them, which used to discern the products or service of a certain consumer or a group of consumers, make it distinguish with the rival's products or service ".
Above-mentioned definitions prove the brand is a concept of compounding , it is formed by the brand outside mark (including name , term , pattern etc.), brand discerning , brand Legend , brand image ,etc. .

The so-called " brand " is a holographic thing of all intangible assets of enterprises or the brand main body (including city , individual etc. ) that concentrated , and " this concentrated " can discern with the specific " symbol " ; It is subject and object, the subject and the society, enterprises and consumer's interactive result. From the point of view of market, enterprises produce the products , but the brand exists in social environment and consumer psychology , but this brand also belongs to enterprise.

2, What’s the function of  brand?

(1)    The brand is a tool of consumer to remember goods
Generally speaking , what enterprises sold is not products but a far-reaching brand , plant the brand into the heart deeply, impel consumers to buy the products of this brand . There are essential differences in this idea and traditional marketing idea, the brand is a synthesis of certain goods mark with consumer's cognition. It has reflected the partiality of consumers of goal market and value that the products reflect . The brand is a commitment to consumers and an basis of consumer to remember goods too, it is the media of creating remembrance helping the products to be sold.

(2)    The brand helps both parties to carry on the trade.
The brand is the comprehensive embodiment of the quality characteristic of the products. As to consumer, it is the assurance of the representative's products quality and value; As to enterprise , it can promote the sales , make products and the rival's products of this enterprise distinguish. The brands of fine enterprises are not merely valuable assets of enterprises, and the concrete embodiment that enterprises established self- prestige

(3)    The brand is the basis for consumer to buy products.
Today, the technology of production advanced by leaps and bounds , the difference between the products is smaller and smaller, in homogeneity extremely high numerous products, consumers buy only according to mark, namely the brand is the indicator of consumers' purchase products. Once design and succeed in popularizing in brand, then the brand become the pronoun of the products, the sign in the composition of the brand becomes the best basis of discerning the brand. The brand is the motive of promoting consumers to buy, and whether the brand is superior or not, is the inducement that consumers decide to buy again .

(4)The brand is the embodiment of products or enterprise's core value
Brand --Consumers or users should not merely sell the goods to end consumer or user, and should make consumers or users grow to like goods through using, thus buy repeatedly, constantly propagating, it is loyal to form brands, make consumers or users buy repeatedly. Consumers or users are through the brand, through the use for brand products, it is satisfied to take shape through the consumption experience around brand, form basis for consumption decision of future to store. One's own brand has established the good image, has given the beautiful emotion in some enterprises, or has represented certain culture , has made the brand and brand products form bright memory in consumers or user's mind .

5)The brand is a resolution device which discerns the goods
The setting-up of the brand is to used for discerning a certain seller's products or the service because of the need of the competition . It should have uniqueness that the brand is designed, there are distinct distinction characteristics , the pattern of the brand, characters ,etc. represent the characteristic of this enterprise with the rival's difference. Meanwhile, different brand not each other the same represents different forms , different quality each, the products of different services, can buy , use offering reference for consumers or users . Through brand people can be cognitive the products, and choose to be bought according to the brand.

(6)The brand is the assurance of quality and prestige
Design brands , created brands, the purpose to train brand is to hope this brand can turn into a famous brand , then work hard on product quality, make hard in the after-sale service. At the same time the brand represents enterprises, enterprises must work hard from product quality in terms of long-term development, special leading brand products , famous-brand enterprise, then, especially the famous brand represent quality grade of a kind of product in the brand, have represented prestige of enterprises.
The brand, especially the appearance of the famous brand , use a loyalty , trust which have formed a certain degree , follow degree, therefore make enterprises have backing foundations in competing with rival. The brand can also utilize ability that its market expand , drive enterprises to enter the new market; Drive the new products to squeeze into the market; Brand can profit spend ability , brand of capital operation , go on the expansion of enterprises through sure forms such as franchise operation , contract management of form. In a word, the brand often brings the unexpected result as the weapon of the market competition.

7)The brand is the " cash cow " of enterprises
To win with quality, the brand is often enclosed culture, emotion intension, so the brand has added the added value to products. Meanwhile, have certain trust , follow degree in brand, enterprises can make the relatively higher price for the brand , obtain the higher profit. Larger income that the brand especially famous brand can bring to enterprise , and the brand is regarded as the intangible assets, have already been recognized by people.

3, How to do the brand planning?
Market survey =>The brand makes a reservation =>Organize enterprise's framework =>Set up a system of brand manage and market promotion.
(1)    Market survey
Through market survey ,we can know trade background and inside strength of brand that brand manage, carry on feasibility analysis to the management of the brand.
2)The brand makes a reservation on the basis of market survey, orient the target consumer group of the brand clearly, key competitiveness of the brand.
3)Organize enterprises
To build up and confirm an international enterprise's frame, set up a strong carrier for brands.
4)Set up a system of brand management
Brand manage system include two major subsystem, the first one is brand recognition system, the second is brand competition system. The function of the brand recognition system lies in letting consumers discern brands mainly, take shape and distinguish with the competitor , but the brand competition system is enterprises , through domestic and foreign merger , through concentrating one's attention on the implementation of managing and marketing strategy and tactics , obtained the competition advantage in the market. Two major systems merge each other. On one hand the brand recognition system should have good ability to communicate with outside consumers , in the course of establishment of the brand recognition system , should make it have basic ability to participate in competition , on the other hand, brand competition system is  form brand recognition system category , competition of advantage consider in the lump to bring into too while managing.

Recognition system of the brand
Brand discern layer , attach to layer and culture layer form together , form composition the of brand form recognition system of brand (as Fig. 1-3 shows). Brand discern layer regard consumer as starting point name , identification to design brand and design ,etc. manufacturer, if the coca-cola brand is made up by brand name COCA-COLA, the unique designs of the coca-cola and curve. Attach to one layer of quality , packaging form and package design adopted which refer to the products or service that brands represents ,etc.. For example, " 凯悦" (Hyatt) the brand of the hotel lets people associate it with luxurious and comfortable inside environment , high-quality service and advanced enjoyment, and the building appearance and color of triumphant happy hotels ,etc.. The brand culture layer includes individual character of brands , idea of the brand , thought of the brand and public service idea and image of the brand ,etc., it is individual character , spirit and thought characteristic contained in the brand. Become a part of the life style that Americans admit such as "可口可乐" (Coca-Cola ), " I am me, brilliant and brilliant ," 雪碧" (Sprite ). "Have demand in product performance , is it produce the distinct individual character image to refract.

The existence of the brand competition system requires enterprises to combine three major functions which form the system systematically in brand construction.
First of all, enterprises should perfect one's own managerial ability, perfect the inside function, the key competitive power of the savings, establish moulding the advantage inherently of the brand; Second, enterprises should regard consumer demand as the core, develop the products or serve, establishing brand image, it is here to the function of the products, satisfaction of the demand for such different levels as culture, etc. to pass to consumers, make brands and link up the tactics, form the advantage that the brand communicates;

Third, enterprises win the competition, must study about the competitor, predict the trade competition and developing state effectively, seek the advantage superior to the competitor, survival and development in the competition.
The brand is planned to combine each element in competition systems of brands, regard systematic principle as the starting point and make the development strategy of brands and tactics, make the brand keep a firm hand on the market good opportunity, and also weigh the order of importance and emergency of importance that overall strategy and each function of the brand competition system are lighted, thus facilitate the managing and developing well of the whole system. Dealing in the system in the brand, brand competition system and brand recognition system distinguish each other as well as have attribute of circulating each other. The brand recognition system equally takes shape through moulding (design), have attribute of communicating and competing for with consumers with competing for brands.

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