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China Trademark Registration

I. Flow Chart for Trademark Registration in China

、 Trademark Design

Advantages of HKCFM:

(1) Novelty, i.e., novelty of trademark design; firstly, it shall satisfy the characteristics of the trademark; secondly, an original design helps to expand the awareness of the trademark and occupy the market quickly.

(2) Trademark name shall not be linked with the functions of goods;

(3) The trademark design shall be theme focused and reasonable arrangement of different elements.

Hong Kong HKCFM Trademark Service boasts a group of excellent designers from home and abroad who are in place to provide you professional designs.

2 、 Trademark Search

Once you have applied for a trademark, you cannot alter it and your application fee cannot be refunded. Using Search and Advisory Service could save you the expense of making an application which has little or no chance of being accepted for registration.Currently, two kinds of search services are available with Hong Kong HKCFM Trademark Service:

(1)     Free search, which lasts for 2 working hours.

(2)     Paid search service with authorities on agency basis, and the search result is for reference only. It will need 7-14 working days.

The China Trademark Office offers a high-quality, value-for-money service to meet the needs of you. It can provide advice on whether your mark meets the requirements for registration.

3 、 Submit Application

The dHKCFM required for application include:

1).Letter of Instruction

2).Name,address and Nationality(or country of incorporation) of the applicant(natural person or legal person)

3).Sample of trademarks(Black & White) and the nature of business

4).List of goods to be covered by trademark application and international class,if known

5).Specify the colour if your mark is coloured.

4 、 Notice of Acceptance

When The China Trademark Office receives your application dHKCFM of trademark registration, they will give you an application number and issue the Notice of Acceptance within 3 months.

5 、 Examination

If you have paid the correct fee, the China Trademark Office will examine your application, and either:

confirm that your application is acceptable, or send you a written Examination Report which will list all the objections against it.

6 、 Publication

After the application is examined by the Trademark Office, it will be published in Trade Marks Journal for three months, and if no notice of opposition, the application will proceed to registration .

7 、 Registration

After the application of China Trademark Office is approved, the detailed dHKCFM of the trademark will be recorded in Registration Record Book and the applicant will receive a Registration Certification. The registering date is traceable to the date when application is submitted, in other words, the right as a holder of registered trademark starts from the day when application is submitted.

8 、 Time and Fees

Time: If registration application runs smoothly, it usually requires about 24 months.

Search fee for each trademark of each class: RMB100(chinese characters for RMB100), RMB100(English character s for RMB100 ) and RMB300 (device for RMB300).

A pplication and registration fees : HK$1,800; lump-sum pay when filling in the Power of Attorney.

The validity period is 10 years after being registered successfully, no other fees during this period. Renew the registration 10 years later

II Trademark and brand services of HKCFM:

Brand is the key for business development. HKCFM's trademark and brand services include fivetrade name, trademark, goods, business management support and good faith, which forms the policy of HKCFM. HKCFM follows it with the aim of enabling the SME to find a shortcut to take off with brand strategy. HKCFM's brand services include:

Trade name: to establish company or international fame and guarantee the business legitimacy;

Trademark: to register the trademark home and abroad, safeguard the intellectual property of an enterprise and set a footstone for brand building;

Business management support: management procedure design and employee training;

Good Faith: introduction of good faith, CI and VI systems, image design for enterprise leader and brokerage of pitchman.